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Is the branch of dentistry that deals with the functional and aesthetic restoration of  the teeth providing comfort and keeping the health of the patient.

In the category prosthetic enter:

  • Dental crowns
  • Fixed partial bridges dental prosthetics called bridges, which are mainly indicated for treatment (prosthesis) of edentulous gaps. Tooth bridges are aggregated to the remaining teeth, called bridge abutment teeth, in short, abutment teeth. Part of edentulous bridges corresponding to a breach, morpho-functional and aesthetically restore missing teeth and is called the body of the deck.
  • Dentures fixed or movable
  • Inlays (inlays / on lays)

Coroane ProteticeProsthetic crowns

The prosthetic crown is recommended for teeth that have suffered large losses of hard tissue.

Metal-ceramic crowns
, which is a metallic structure with ceramic applied resulting totally physiognomic metal crowns.

Full ceramic crowns are made of  ivoclar ceramic in the DentalARIA clinic, they  are physiognomic better than the metal-ceramic crowns, but have the drawback is a lower resistance than  metal-ceramic crowns. Full ceramic crowns are indicated for front teeth.

Total physiognomic crowns made of zirconium
by computerized milling CAD / CAM presents the physiognomic qualities of full ceramic crowns and metal-ceramic strength being indicated both on the front teeth and side teeth due to increased resistance.

Prosthetic bridges consist of at least three elements, reaching up to 12 (total bridges). Bridges can be supported on natural teeth or implants bridge support. A bridge consists of bridge pillars and body. Bridges made at the clinic DentalARIA are totally physiognomic and can be: metal-ceramic or ceramic bridges on zirconium support.

Movable dentures are prosthetic devices that can be removed from the mouth by the patient. They can be full dentures (replace entire dental arch) or partial (replacing a limited number of missing teeth on the arch). In terms of materials that these can be made of are acrylic with or without special maintenance systems.

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